We at KPZ are thrilled to see toddlers learn to stand, crawl and walk around our centre. We are the Best Day Care Centre, Kindergarten, LKG & UKG School in Perambur, Kolathur, Agaram, Thiruvika Nagar, Kumaran nagar, Ponniammanmedu. It is such a pleasant feeling to see kids communicating with each other jabbering in their own language and showing actions. We will inform you about your child’s activities and each giant step that they take, for we know how special it is to see kids growing up.

For age groups 1.5-3.5 years, we keep them busy with activities that will involve them in various games and develop their skills. The rooms are equipped with varied activities and games. We make sure that all the kids learn and stick together. Kutty Pappa Zone Day Care Centre, Kindergarten, LKG & UKG School toddlers are enrolled from different areas in and around ponniammanmedu such as Perambur, Kolathur, Agaram, Thiruvika Nagar, Kumaran nagar.



Our curriculum is set to match the fundamental development of a pre-school child. We teach rhymes, alphabets and numbers using different musical and rhythm games. This will also help them in creating an interest in music and singing.

Vegetable carving/painting

We don’t make things serious for kids. We prefer easy-peasy kind of activities that will not be very intricate with detailed works. We create games out of vegetable art/painting. This will help them bring out their creativity and encourage them to eat vegetables.

Hand painting

It is not the usual drawing and coloring method. It’s a joyful experience for kids allowing their creativity to flow along with the colorful colors using their hand.

Method of speech

We aim to improve speech, language skills and oral motor abilities for kids from 1.5-3.5 years.


The art of painting is a fun way to indulge the kids in making different activities using colours and paint. Kids would find this activity interesting and will have quality time learning about different colours and enjoy giggling with friends.

Audio/Visual videos

We have planned sessions for children to take a break from their routine and to enjoy the music, nursery rhymes or watch good children movies or cartoons.

Story telling

Our teachers interact with kids and make the story telling process entertaining. It is a powerful approach, when done right with morals and facts delivered correctly using visual aids, emotions, voice modulations and other crazy elements.

Puppet show

We interact with kids by telling them stories and rhymes, using puppets. 15 days once, we make this arrangement for your kids to have fun and learn new stuffs.


We teach them to make fun toys, greeting cards, origami and junk art. Our teachers will guide your kids, help them in cutting papers and teach them to use glue.

Table manners

We teach our students - ‘How to wash their hands before eating’, ‘How to eat with spoon’, ‘How to sit’ and other etiquette habits. It is necessary to inculcate the right table manners in children at a very tender age.


Swimming pool

Our certified swimming teachers are expertise in this activity. Monthly once, we conduct this class and teach our kids to swim with utmost care and safety.

Tunnel play tent

Kids can run around and play inside the play tent that is in the shape of a tunnel. These toys will be exciting for Montessori and play school kids.


With teachers and caretakers around, your child will be safe. We make sure that they feel comfortable. They are allowed to play on the swing. Playtime will help kids to make new friends by taking turns and having fun together.

Ball pool

This fun activity will help them to interact with other kids inside the ball pool and help them to make new friends.

Sand pit

The sand used for this activity is very hygiene and will not harm the kids. They are especially made for kids to play in the sand pit.


Few kids are allergic to the materials used in making toys. The toys we provide are of first-class quality and are not harmful. Moreover, all the students can play with them without any trouble.

We carefully record and monitor each child’s progress and development during the activities and create separate folder for each child. Parents like you are ready and willing to know what their little one does at the centre. This report card will comfort you with information about your child.

Every year, we provide progress report card and it is designed using a pie chart. This will show how far your kids have improved in the activities. We also attach photos of your child in the report card. This will help you to know about your little one when you are not present around them.

We celebrate all major festivals with our students in our school. Besides enjoying the festival, we recite stories and play games related to it. This will help kids to know about the festival and they will enjoy at the same time. We at KPZ make sure that kids have fun and learn at the same time making their first school experience a joyride.

Other facilities at KPZ

  • Update through WhatsApp/SMS
  • AC transport facility
  • Paediatric check-up yearly twice
  • Dental check up yearly once
  • PTA meeting after each term
  • Hygienic resources
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